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IRS Resolutions

Much has been made of recent restructuring legislation pointed at ending IRS errors and abuse. Historically, such legislation has had little impact on the agency. The reason is the IRS simply does not tell the truth about taxpayers’ rights.

Consequently, if you do not understand your rights in a given situation, you cannot expect the IRS to explain them. For example, when was the last time you received a kind letter from the IRS explaining that you paid too much in taxes or overlooked certain rights that might cut your bill? Such letters are rare indeed!

On the other hand, millions of citizen are confronted by the agency for alleged legal failings. Each year the IRS:

> issues some one hundred million computer notices affecting nearly $200 billion in accounts;

> issues over thirty million penalties against individuals and businesses;

> executes over four million wage and bank levies;

> files about four million general tax liens;

> seizes tens of thousands of businesses, autos, homes, and other property;

> audits nearly 2 million business and personal income tax returns

Nearly everybody has gone through some kind of IRS enforcement difficulty and you may know somebody who is going through it now. But few have effective solutions. Remember, Al Murrie CPA can help with your tax problem, and there is always a way to solve the problem.

Too often, the biggest IRS problem for millions of people is the fact that it costs more to fight the agency than it does to just pay the tax. For those who cannot pay the tax or afford professional help, they live only with the promise of life-long indebtedness to the IRS–a hopeless situation.

Al Murrie CPA can help with your tax problem. To perform the service, we first gather the data you need to respond to the IRS.  We then use the data to fully evaluate your situation and develop a plan to resolve your dispute. With forty years of experience dealing with the IRS in every conceivable situation allows us to offer this service at a very reasonable price.